This programlet is an attempt to collect the text of the daily masses of the different ages.

It is not a liturgical text, nor documentary. The simple reason is to show how the changes during the time, and may be as devotional help for those who cannot attend daily masses.

Laszlo used as source the 1920 missal from site.

Find the Table of content of this missal for easier usage below.

The English translation is taken from Tridentine Latin Rite Missal Project site with the permission of the owner.

The propers are from Father Brian T. Austin, FSSP's collection ( site. The owner declared it as free project.

An additional English source is The Catholic Missal (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1943)

The 1960 rubrics may be found at FSSP site in Sydney (Australia).
Epistolae 3
  Decretum approbationis 3
  St. Pius V 4
  Clemens VIII 6
  Urban VIII 9
  St Pius X 10
Rubricae 14
  De anno et eius partibus 14
  Tabula Paschalis 21
  Tabella Temporaria 24
  Festorum mobilium 25
  Kalendarium 26
  Rubricae Generales Missalis 37
  Additiones et variationes 48
Ritus servandus 60
De Defectibus 77
Preparatio ad Missam 83
  Psalmi 83
  Oration St Ambrossi per diem 86
  Alia oratio 90
  Oratio S. Thomae 91
  Ad Beatam Maram Virginem 91
  Ad St. Joseph 91
  Ad omnes Angelos et Sanctos 92
  Declaratio intentionem 93
  Cum induitur paramentis 93
Gratiarum actio 96
  Psalmi 96
  S. Thomae 98
  S. Bonaventurae 98
  Adoro Te 99
  S. Ignatii 99
  Ad Crucifixum 100
  Oblatio sui 100
  Ad Beatam Mariam Virginem 100
  Ad S. Joseph 101
Ordo incensationis 102
Proprium de Tempore 105
  Adventus 105
  Nativite 125
  Epiphania 155
  Septuagesima 174
  Quadragesima 193
  De Passione 259
Ordo 375
Canon 439
Proprium de Tempore (cont) 454
  Resurrectionis 454
Proprium de Sancti 583
Commune 967
Votiva 1025
Defunctorum 1090
Aliquae Locis 1125