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What's new?

All changes may be found on the GitHub Repository.


Fixes bugs relating to the Commemoration of All Souls.


Ongoing editing and proofing of texts.
HTML files edited.


Numerous texts corrected.
Holy Week texts edited and added, including an option for Benedict XVI's Good Friday prayer.


Ongoing correction of texts, including Epiphany Matins and a Sancta Missa Perl file.
Added Commemoration of the Cross for Tridentine/Divino Afflatu rubrics.
Corrected doxology and Prime versicle handling for Advent according to Divino Afflatu.


Changes to numerous text files, particularly for the Christmas and Epiphany seasons.
Further support for conditional rubrics and content.


Changes to over 300 text files: spelling, feast names, minor corrections.
Correction to handling of Ember Masses, including commemorations.
Addition of forma brevior Ember Masses for 1960 rubrics.
Masses on days where there are several (Nativity, All Souls) are labeled.
New support for conditional rubrics and content.


Deliver Unicode content.
Corrections (spelling, translation) to numerous files in all languages: thanks to all our correspondents for sending corrections.
Some corrections to interpretation of pre-Divino rubrics
Corrections to Matins of Holy Thursday rubrics


Minor improvements to graphic presentation.
Content and title corrections and typographical improvements to Latin and English text (374 files).
Corrected handling of partial Antiphons on (Tridentine) Sunday Vespers.
Corrected handling of Epiphany rules of precendence.
Revised stand-alone versions now available.


Minor corrections to 120 files in all languages.
Corrections to Benedictions on feasts of the Blessed Virgin.
Corrections and additions to feasts of Doctores Ecclesiĉ.


Corrections to 34 Latin and 13 English files in Missa and Hora sections of the site.
New option "Text width percent" to set screen format width.


And for 10-11 and 10-26


Corrected formatting of Psalm antiphon in certain cases
Numerous corrections in Latin text (121 files changed)
Correction to handling of Matins psalmody on semi-doubles under the Tridentine rules


Dirge for Tridentine versions as link
m.t.v. for pre 1960 versions
Gregem tuum prayer for Officees of popes in post Trident versions
LHofficium.pl in Hofficium downlod for non windows systems

10-07 2009

Ember day lections for duplex saints taken from previously omitted scripture


New portal for divinumofficium.com
Pofficium.pl for easy iPhone / Blackberry access, w/o javascript or images


Latin scriptural passages (Lessons 1 - 3) are from the Clementine Vulgata
The Psalm tones for Matins and the tones for some hymns are implemented using the Nocturnale Romanum Editio Princeps 2002 (ISBN 3-936476-01-2)


Both the stand alone and html generating version is capable to chant the psalms and some hymns in Magyar language.
The files necessary to read aloud and chant are separated into mbr folder which is supposed to downlod and uzip as sibling folder of officium2009 or Hofficium folder.


From download page you may download either the standalone version which works w/o internet connection on PC'-s and capable of reading the offices and or chant the psalms and some hymns.

Also from the same download page you may download a version which generates plain html files and optionally referenced wav files for chant for the selected range of the offices.

The method for computerised chant is explained here together with samples and the downloadable testing package

From rubrics page (page down to below the middle) you have acces to Compare Calendars page which compares the permant kalendars for 1540, 1888, 1942, 1960 selecting any two

The daily offices are continuously corrected, revised either for spelling and for accordance to the rubrics. Any help or comment is appreciated (canon dot missae at gmail dot com)


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